New Trails Page Premieres

What's a great outdoor activity which all ages can enjoy - combining fresh air, magnificent scenery, social interaction, muscle toning, and the natural beauty of the Tellico Plains area? Take to the trails, for hiking, horseback riding, or bicycling!

With the Cherokee National Forest here in our backyard, there are many, many Tellico Plains area trails. Choose from mountaintop balds to enchanting waterfalls, from easy to difficult, from biking to hiking... using this easy reference on The Guide to Tellico Plains.

The Trail page highlights several area trails, each with directions to the trailhead, type of use, length, level of difficulty, and a description. Browse the Trail page, and choose where you'd like to hike with your children, have a picnic, ride bikes, take your horses, or photograph wildflowers.

Tellico Plains is the perfect headquarters for being outdoors in every season.

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Jim Sirmans said...

This is an absolutely terrific addition to the Guide to Tellico Plains. My thanks and great big kudos to those responsible for putting it together. Great job!!!!